I Feel Lucky

Have you ever thought about how, from a far, we are all like flowers? There are white flowers, far too many denim flowers, and me - teal, cooked yolk, with a fuzzy bear center (my hair). 

Little Too Late

These are the things that make me curl up like a hedgehog in my teal skinny jeans and eggplant zip hoodie:

- When the Packers lose

- Waking up for work

- Sometimes when the website I use to watch baseball is slow at loading

- When a mix cd I made in high school is skippy

- When someone finds out I have a car

- When someone who found out I have a car makes me drive it

- the boring selection of mens pants. 

Don't Let It Show

Are there colors that you feel like you just can’t wear? I used to have so much trouble with lime, periwinkle, magenta, oak, moss, dingy roof, the list goes on and on. Then I grew a beard. Now I can’t think of a color that I can’t pull off. Maybe tornado, but then that color is hard for everyone. 

Diamond Field


The other night I wore my newest hat to grab drinks with a male friend of mine. Here is my list of the most masculine drinks:

1) orange juice that you squeezed with your giant hands for a woman in a wooded area

2) black cowboy coffee (grinds remain in the coffee) when you’re hungover from whiskey drinking

3) water from a canteen that you’ve been hauling

4) a mexican coke after chopping wood

5) bloody mary with a Booth Brine pickle 

Night Life

This is another great example of the fashion concept I mentioned in the last post. It’s the French art of cameaux, or, when one treats one’s body as the subject of a still life painting. Ideally it involves a headless chicken or a big thing of apples. Here, thought, I have neither, as I’m journaling. I’ve been publishing poetry under a pseudonym since middle school. (I’ll never tell.) 

Long, Long Way From Home

It is common to consider weather / climate in your dress. The reason I say common and not normal or mandatory is because of all of those pictures of Mary Kate Olsen wearing giant, black, wool coats in LA. It has become common to wear inappropriate clothing for the weather, but nevermind that now. I’m not concerned with your survival, just your style. 

As I said, it is not new thinking to dress for the place you’re in. But if you’re just thinking about is it hot/is it cold, you’re missing something important, something which could distinguish you from the average wearer of clothes.

Consider the colors of the climate. Okay it’s raining, fine, bring an umbrella, but also, it’s grey! You know what looks fantastic with a pale, grey skyline? Red! Deep black! Put those lime green cigarette pants away! 

Are you going for a walk in the woods? Consider wearing mustard. Is it a birch forest? Better wear magenta. Are you swimming in Greece? Try white. Are you swimming in Maine? Lavender!

When I’m in a beautiful, sunny place, I like to keep my colors neutral, as seen above. Khaki and white are a relief amongst the overpatterned masses.  

Crash & Burn

The final frontier in mens fashion is the hat. (For women it is the cape.)

More than an article of clothing, the hat is a tool. Even I don’t feel like I know how to use it properly. 

Moment of Truth

She had just told me she liked my “red” coat. It’s not red; It’s berry! I can’t stand this aggregating of colors. Berry is different than brick and it is certainly different than crimson. Ugh. 

All I Need to Know


Developing your own sense of style can be overwhelming. Where to begin? Are you a denim person? Do you have the right legs for a kilt? What I recommend is picking a culture, particularly a culture surrounding a sport, and adapting your style from there.

For me, it begins (and ends) with 10 pins.