Long, Long Way From Home

It is common to consider weather / climate in your dress. The reason I say common and not normal or mandatory is because of all of those pictures of Mary Kate Olsen wearing giant, black, wool coats in LA. It has become common to wear inappropriate clothing for the weather, but nevermind that now. I’m not concerned with your survival, just your style. 

As I said, it is not new thinking to dress for the place you’re in. But if you’re just thinking about is it hot/is it cold, you’re missing something important, something which could distinguish you from the average wearer of clothes.

Consider the colors of the climate. Okay it’s raining, fine, bring an umbrella, but also, it’s grey! You know what looks fantastic with a pale, grey skyline? Red! Deep black! Put those lime green cigarette pants away! 

Are you going for a walk in the woods? Consider wearing mustard. Is it a birch forest? Better wear magenta. Are you swimming in Greece? Try white. Are you swimming in Maine? Lavender!

When I’m in a beautiful, sunny place, I like to keep my colors neutral, as seen above. Khaki and white are a relief amongst the overpatterned masses.