I Keep Hoping


You know what I’m thankful for this year? The boldness, brightness, and vivaciousness that makes me Al. 

I’m also thankful for a wardrobe full of patterned slacks, iridescent oxfords, and playful neckties. God bless us everyone!

Back Where you Belong

Do you see what I’ve done here? I don’t expect you to.

Look at the color of my shirt, banana. Look at the overtone of the tablecloth, lemon. Now look at the paint on the walls, custard. Fashion is about more than your own body. Consider the arrangement. 

I'll fight for you

Not ten minutes after this photo was taken, I killed a rat with my bare hands. There is so much more to masculinity than mustache cream.

Masculinity is using every part of the squirrel. It is keeping big secrets, like car ownership. It is eating cereal from a bag. It is being a great dancer.  

Soul Doctor

An example of my own footwear styling. I styled these performance sandals with a nice tan sock, scrunched around the ankle, and some cargo swim trunks for a night out in Portland. To me, this fashion sentence reads: I am Al!!!!

Love on the Telephone

I get stopped on the street quite a bit. I think it’s because I have such a friendly hairline. One of the most common questions I get is - how do I dress in a way that is appropriate for work, but still feels like me?

This is what I do - take your dress code, know it intimately. Is a belt required? Are patterned socks too much? Then, take your favorite decade or year in fashion, must be at least 5 years back. For me - 1988. Then, combine the two. Dress as a person in 1988 would dress for your current job. Do you need fashion advice? I’ve added an ask button. I’d love to help.

I'll Get Even With You

Fashion is neither a marathon nor a sprint. It is a sprinting marathon. If you relax for one day, wear denim, something grey, a cozy boot, you will see your reflection in the mirror at the supermarket and you will not know yourself. 

The Modern Day


When did we all blindly agree to follow some ancient code? Do you think something bad will happen if you wear bright colors? Try it. See what happens. Start with something small, a bow tie, a thumb ring, a beer cozy. 

You're All I Am

I have turned my back on my people. I have left you without a leader. It has been months since I have led you. I am deeply sorry. Know this - in that time I have learned. I have grown. I have discovered a whole new way. And I shall share it with you. 

Inside Information

The cream in an oreo, the flaky peanut butter in a combos nugget, the jelly in a doughnut - the best stuff is inside, underneath, peaking out only slightly, waiting patiently to be devoured. 

At War with the World

Once a year I take a spiritual journey into the wilderness. With me I bring only a hunting knife, a lantern, and a year’s worth of front pleat khakis. I take a week to dunk them in fresh streams, beat them with fresh logs, and hem them with homemade twine. 

Two Different Worlds

Sometimes I feel like I am occupying space in two places at once. I am here, with you, but I am different. Can you tell? For instance, I am with you in this cubicle, and we are both typing, but I have a higher purpose. I was put on this earth to ignite change, specifically - makeup for men. And you? You are typing nonsense. 

Growing Up the Hard Way

Today I humble myself. This is one of my more graceless fails. I don’t know what is worse, that shade of blue, that tie, the fit of the sleeves, or those pants. I’d burn this picture but we need to learn from our mistakes. Mistake!