blank mind brain crazies


what do y’all do when your mind is empty but you need to create? i’ve had that feeling lately and it can feel nearly insurmountable.

i do my best work (in my own opinion) when i either have a clear vision in my head, or am in good head space to invent, usually this involves feeling clever or witty.

the things i do to get myself producing:

make a cup of coffee. it’s my way of designating work time and signaling to my brain, alright brain, come on now. earn your keep.


looking at work that inspires: color me katie, or my tumblr dashboard, or design books in powells.

work that inspires also includes writing or movies or tv (specifically 30 rock) or someone else’s joke or something that sucks. sometimes something that sucks can be so inspiring if, like me, you’re competitive.

at some point i always realize that i’m being neurotic i should begin by making something small like an illustration of something good that happened recently, like the milkshakes i drank with emily on tuesday night.


                                                                               they were really good milkshakes.