childrens books

i only really buy cheap kids books, and yesterday i only bought cheap & old kids books. i think some contemporary childrens books are fantastic and some are the product of too much research. or something.

the two books i got yesterday are hilarious and awesome to look at. spinky sulks is about spinky, who spends the whole book sulking even though you gather that though he is feeling unappreciated, he’s totally at fault. there’s one part where his brother comes outside and says, “spinky. you were right! philadelphia is the capital of belgium.”

the other thing about it is that i totally identified. i used to make quite a habit of storming up to my room and locking myself in there. (metaphorically speaking. we weren’t allowed door locks because of something i did as a child. flooding. clogging. poo)

but then when you’re kind of over sulking and feeling bad for yourself, how are you supposed to reintegrate? so hard! well spinky sulks answers that time-old question. i won’t spoil it for you

monty is about this alligator who helps the rabbit, duck and frog across the river every day for school. but then he doesn’t want to anymore.