for miss rory in missouri


i got a very sweet message from samantha about her 6 year old daughter, rory, who draws in a scribbley way, as well. she wanted to know how to do scribbley people. my scribble portraits are super easy to do & this is how:

i base my scribble portraits on photographs. i choose pictures with a lot of movement and a lot of hair. hair is my favorite.



i do my scribble portraits in illustrator. i only scribble the hair and the clothing, which i think gives a cool feeling to the portrait and still gives you plenty of information. you can tell by the contrast of the scribbles and the negative space where the body is.


for the scribbling itself i just try to scribble more in places that are in shadow, or creased, and i try to scribble in the direction of the movement. for example, down a sleeve I generally scribble back and forth across the sleeve.

a finished scribble portrait before i’ve removed the photograph:


finished portrait:

if anyone makes any, i’d love to see. and rory, i’d absolutely love to see one of your scribble animals.