I have found the most amazing website. gojee.com


I found it through another outstanding website, swiss miss, one of my daily reads


Gojee.com was created to solve the following scenerio:


When I first started Being an Adult I used cookbooks.


When I realized I didn’t have the resources to maintain this lifestyle, or the resources to maintain anything called “lifestyle.” I switched to the “make the same ole thang” method.


As part of my “Self Improvement Project Part 9,000” I started working at some farmer’s markets in Portland earlier in the summer. I’ve been overwhelmed by my bounty ever since. I leave at the end of the day with a bundle of some thing I had never heard of until arriving that morning. It’s super awesome but you have to be smart about it otherwise a week later you have a rotting bundle of thing you never heard of in the back of your fridge. Enter Gojee!


Click on the “I Have” button and list what you’ve got.


Look through full-sized photographs of yummy stuff until you see something you want to make.


Click on the name and it pops up to tell you what ingredients of yours the recipe uses, and what you’ll need. It also provides you a link to the full recipe.

I have been using this website (and proselytizing it) for about two weeks. I’ve made veggie bean soup, apple cider doughnuts (twice), sugar cookies, and last night I made spinach and ricotta gnocchi. Get cooking!