how to fight through a brain full of snot

sometimes it’s important to say: i’m sick, i’m going to take care of myself today.

sometimes, you’ve done that for like five days in a row so you have to say: i’m sick, but i’m going to be a genius anyway. on days like that it’s good to have protocol.


step one: recognize that while often you are able to work from home, you need to go somewhere else. somewhere clothing is required. somewhere where people will notice if you watch a whole season of 30 rock.


step two: write a to do list. i call myself by my last name when i need to kick my own ass so mine would read something like: APPLETON, stop being a little bitch and DO THIS STUFF. OR NO 30 ROCK.


step three: pick really good music to listen to & try to avoid fantasizing about having a voice like Adele’s


step 4: try really hard to do your work. when that fails, look at the work of other people who inspire you. i like color me katie.


and then, i give myself the baby step of saying: just make SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

             so i drew a picture of my dreadlock, tonya, who is driving me crazy while i drive myself crazy trying to work.