i am up to about one job-related panic attack a day. lil wayne makes me feel so much better, but as he’s not currently hiring designers, there’s only so much he can do for me. 

yesterday i applied for a volunteer position spending 5 hours a month doing the window displays for a community cycling center. they emailed me today basically saying i’m second in line, which is good but is making me feel shaky. i spent all fall building anthropologie’s window displays! i just. either i feel very clever & creative & awesome, or like the least employable person ever. i’m finding the middle ground to be quite challenging to locate.

my writing professor in college used to give us the (writing) advice that you only need to be able to see as far down the road as the headlights illuminate, and while i think that’s good advice, i think it’s a summation of the worst of times. i’d like to think that soon i’ll be able to see further.

anyway, there’s good stuff, too. i finished my birthday present for sylvia, which i’ll be posting later. i’m going to take myself down the street for an icy drink of some kind (92 degrees!) and some cover letter writing. also, my harem pants came in the mail from thailand yesterday and i love them and matt said i only kind of look like i pooped my pants so it’s a win win.

and because blogs are the super coolest things ever here are my favorites:

my sister: http://thejellydeli.tumblr.com

an aussie mom, slice of life-type blog: http://rummeybears.blogspot.com

intense and unbelievably inspiring artist: www.luxirare.com (though i’ll say, don’t read too much of it at once you will feed badly about yourself. if this happens, i recommend google imaging jacob from twilight)

(me and my sister having a totally different kind of summer)