I have been sort of scared to talk ever since, you know, the frisbee comic. I have had so many more visitors it’s felt like when you’re at a party and you’re in conversation with one other person, but all of a sudden the party hushes and you realize that yours is the only voice in the room. And it’s right in the middle of a story about a toilet emergency. That’s how I’ve felt. But instead of a toilet emergency, I’ve been caught blogging. Chances are most of the recent bounty are long gone so let’s just get on with it (says me to me.) Moving on. Do you, like me, love when people answer questions? I love when people answer questions. Especially on a blog. It’s a nice break from streams of images and a good way of keeping in touch with who the artist is and why they do what they do. Since nobody wants to interview me, I’ll be both the interviewer and interviewee.