in the wilds

two weeks ago I went to have an adventure on alberta and maybe find some nice new shoes for pete. we stopped in ampersand gallery where we found this book:

I didn’t buy it but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The next day Emily was going up to Alberta to have a similar adventure and I said: go in ampersand gallery! There’s a book! It’s amazing! She is a person who does very kind things for other people, often with cookies, and in this instance she bought this book for me. It’s by an illustrator named Nigel Peake who spent three months doing very ordered, detailed, sometimes literal and sometimes abstract drawings of things found in the rural part of Ireland where he is from.

"Pallets stacked in yard"

"Tire tracks and layers of mud gather at the side of the yard."

You can see the original work from the book in san francisco at the needles and pens gallery until july 17, or you can buy the book here.