introducing nora, isaac, bruno and "this earnest life"


This Earnest Life is a brand new lifestyle consulting and editorial endeavor by Areti Sakellaris. I got to do the branding. Areti is a fan of Lee, so we worked together to create an equally awesome and stylin’ lady character, who we named Nora.

Nora fell in love with a gentleman who we named Isaac.


Isaac and Nora:

We’ve been working on this for months and the project has really evolved.

in the beginning, Nora was a lot younger and Isaac much dorkier.

as you can see, it took me a long time to give up the tights look, but i did. i started doing solid dresses but then changed to doing dresses with a photo fill.

this was a good way of doing quiet drawings that are still very vibrant.

Bruno has also gone through a lot of looks.

It’s been a really fun collaboration for me. Be sure to check out