lost projects

I don’t finish everything I start. Above is art for a movie was gonna make of this incredible story my friend Al told me. He moved to Portland and picked up work as a seasonal UPS employee. He had one particularly long day of work unloading boxes in a new outdoor store in SW Portland and when he finished the day he was super hungry and had to pee. Someone recommended a burrito place just around the corner so he went there. The burrito place is called Santeria and it’s one of my favorites because their chicken fajita burrito is awesome and I really like their tile counter top. It’s also notable because it doesn’t have its own bathroom; instead you have to use the bathroom in the strip club next door.

After Al ordered his burrito he asked where the bathroom was and they pointed him towards a door, which he went through. Poor Al. Now he’s in a strip club and he’s quite overwhelmed, wearing his UPS uniform. He also had enough trouble actually finding the bathroom that the stripped stopped mid-routine and helped him.

Unfortunately I just don’t imagine finishing this project. It’s been so long now since when I started that I’ve just lost the momentum and have many other things to do instead.

Other Al-related work I may or may not finish: