making it home

the “home” scene took a lot of tweaking. we begin in a very plain home

my thinking here was, brown leather couch? nice. brown leather ottoman? nice. nice black woodstove. areti loves peony pink, forest green and that dark seafoam color, so i threw those in. pink socks on isaac for fun.

from there we wanted to make it nicer. (this illustration isn’t fully realized, obviously, as part of the two characters are missing). i did a photo fill chair to match the photo fills in nora’s other dresses. Areti requested a purple wood stove. i did a nicer looking couch, with a dark seafoam rug, again, trying to use areti’s favorite colors. isaac gets a beanie for style, nora gets a very “anthro” look.

i learn Areti doesn’t love brown. she paints me a picture (figuratively, of course. i’m the painter here) of isaac and nora living in a reclaimed barn in new england. so i decide to do a nautical colored couch. i did a woodgrain effect on the more modern coffee table, changed the blanket to a quilt. made the rug white, put nora closer to isaac (it’s important to snuggle in reclaimed barns in new england). i made a small faux print of the brooklyn bridge in a fun red frame. added a chandelier for class, gave it exposed light bulbs because that seems architectural and fitting for an old barn. lost the photo chair (too busy.)

change the colors of the quilt. isaac and nora snuggle happily in their finished home scene