nyc mad bklyn rd hk

matt and me and his cousins from israel yaelle and sari took a tiny jaunt into new york. matt was such a good sport about it because he dislikes cities and the next place we’re going is his very favorite in the world so he was very patient to come.

we went down to new york on tuesday and stayed in brooklyn in red hook overnight, and then came back yesterday. new york kicked my ass i was so wiped by the time we got up to mass but i had a good time and i especially loved hanging out on ben’s roof in red hook drinking magic hat, and going to the museum of arts and design. my sister recommended it because she’s basically a non-resident new york expert

these are just pictures i took in the gift shop before the guard (the meekest guard!) stopped me. the museum had a hand-built bicycle exhibit and an art with organic materials exhibit. i think my favorite part was the stairwells, the one with the huge glass installation and the one with the goblets. i also loved some of the light installations, and an crystal-covered antler sculpture. such a good museum. thanks kelly