obsessive consumption / confusion


i went to this show at land on mississippi maybe two months ago with sylvia and lisa. i can’t explain art in any way. or why it matters. i get why it matters to make art, to express. and if someone can relate to your art, if you can communicate a feeling, then i get the point even more. but what about when someone’s art doesn’t matter to you? 

when i was doing lots of writing i thought about this from a writing stance, too. at what point is it just personal diary. kate bingaman burt’s consumption show - where she showed the past two years of things she’s bought in illustration - it made me kind of mad. like who do you think you are to draw a picture of what you buy and then get to have a show about it. and how did you know people would want to see it? and can i have a show?

there are just so many people who make things.