oddity & bluegrass

last night i went to a blueglass show with pete and my friend lee and his lady jamie. partway through the show i noticed that the man at the table nearest our seats was rubbing two different women. i pointed it out and we obsessed over it the rest of the show. what exactly was happening?

at first we thought he was with the woman to his right and was merely friends, or possibly related to, the woman to his left. the woman to his right, dark haired, with whom he held arms and exchanged looks. she looked at him with teen girl eyes. the other woman, a neck-less blonde seated in a chair with her back to him she received a few back rubs which seemed friendly enough.

but the back rubs got more international. he ventured beyond her platonic upper back region and into the armpit/side boob area, up to her neck, and down pretty much all the way into asstown. i wish i could tell you that we asked him what was up. but all i can do is show you the picture i drew about it. in stages, because i thought that would be fun.

this is how i start a digital drawing: (blobs in bright colors where i want things to go)