On health

Everyone wants to be healthy. Everyone. It’s probably the most unifying human thing. Nobody wants to die young. We all want to feel good. We all want to be healthy. But it’s not that easy. You’re young and your parents make the rules. You get oreos, sugar cereal as a treat. You’re taken to Wendy’s on the way home from soccer practice because you gotta eat dinner. If you finish your Chicken Tenders you’re allowed to have a Frosty. That’s healthy to you.

You go to college. You’re not hitting the froyo bar like every other girl on campus so you’re like - I’m doing pretty good. But doing pretty good includes a daily stop at the belgian waffle station. Skipping the whole salad bar section. But you’re thin and you’re a varsity athlete. You’re healthy. You could not be healthier.

Then you move to the west coast. All new rules. You stop eating pop tarts so much. You lose 5 lbs. Now you’re healthy. You’re great. You cook recipes. But really, you know nothing.

You stop buying cookies in a box. You only eat cookies that you make. You’ve done it! You’re healthy!

When you get cocky is when you start going without sugar. You realize it isn’t that hard and you feel so good. It’s worth it. Now you’re healthy. You eat vegetables, eggs, cheese, grains, fruit. People talk about fruit. Fruit’s not that healthy, they say. You have to be f*ing kidding me. Fruit’s not that healthy? It’s natural. It grows. They’ve added nothing to it. Damn it.

Last night, you’re having dinner with your boyfriend. He made a pot roast and a kale salad. The salad’s great - it’s kale, toasted almonds, feta, and a homemade dressing. It tastes good to you, better than pop tarts, and it makes you feel amazing. Then your boyfriend asks, “Is this healthy?It fucking better be, you think.