put down the hemingway and pick up the kaling!

actually i love hemingway. love. i love his insane idea of relationships. his misogyny. his dialog. if i had been his editor, i would have said: stop trying to write romance. you clearly don’t know what it is. keep writing broken people. more hills like white elephants! 

not my point, though. my point: i love blogs. when i find a blog with a voice that i love, i read it through backwards like it’s a book. these are blogs i recommend wasting hours on.


mindy kaling stopped writing this thing, but if it’s new to you, you could still giggle over it. while i’m at it, i also recommend reading her twitter account. sample tweet:

                Oh yay, it’s getting hot enough outside for my summer murder spree


kat dennings is awesome and i didn’t know that until today.

sample post:

You know you’re Kat Dennings when:

              1. you rifle through the cabinets saying “dammit, where are my novelty    cups” and you are deadly serious

              2. you cry at the end of “Only You”, not because Faith and Peter finally end up together, but because you wish you had a ribcage as narrow as Marisa Tomei’s
              3. you’ve eaten so much dried seaweed your mom says you’ll get iodine poisoning
              4. you find yourself singing to apple sauce: 
"hey apple sauce is your daddy home/did he go away and leave you all alone/I got a bad desire/oohhh ohhh ohhh I’m gonna eat you"
              5. you watch half of “Dead Ringers” in the hopes of having a nightmare about Jeremy Irons

              6. you have a nightmare about Criss Angel


I am typically allergic to people who take themselves very seriously, with the exception of people who’ve earned it. the above image is potatoes au gratin, by the way. i’m assuming you didn’t recognize it. ji kim is that serious. her blog is 1/2 food 1/2 fashion, mostly made by ji, though she sometimes photographs in restaurants, or at barneys.


she’s crazy gorgeous, by the way. though she never shows her face.