reasons i loved my mom in 2005

1) she sends me crap that i forgot

2) she cooks awesome breakfasts (sometimes)

3) she makes cool cakes

4) makes my birthday awesome

5) understands the importance of birkenstocks and they appreciate it

6) she wears clothes big enough to protect others

7) she has little feet

8) she thinks of everybody

9) she gets dessert at the cheesecake factory

10) she plans awesome vacations

11) she’s southern

12) she thinks that plaid goes with floral

13) she’s got good post-pregnancy genes to share

14) she has soft hair and little wrists

15) she knew that an oscillating fan was important

16) she knows how to make marshmallows

17) she’s smaller than me so i don’t have to wear her wedding dress

18) she messes up jokes and lyrics and when she sings in the car and she sings completely the wrong stuff