Do you ever sell clothes back to stores? I do sometimes but I don’t enjoy it. My friend Ashley said she would rather have her biggest insecurities criticized cruelly by her best friends than ever sell her clothes again. They’re so quick and cold in assessing the worth of things you’ve found value in, and it feels personal. I’ve usually left feeling like, “you don’t know what you’re missing! Me/my stuff is the best human/objects you’ve ever seen!”


Pete has a story about clothing resale that I really love so I asked him to Gchat it to me this morning:

My own story:

This morning I decided to attempt to sell back some dresses, jackets and shoes that I’ve had kicking around but that I don’t wear. I decided to take some time to really cultivate the look of a wealthy, stylish person who didn’t need the cash earned by selling back clothes, but merely viewed it as some sort of philanthropy for the less-stylish masses.

My look:


intentional bedhead. I wanted it to seem like my hair was messy because I have no reason to get out of bed because my servants bring me bacon wrapped dates all day while I lounge in bed and watch Netflix (I have the premium subscription package, of course, one million DVDs at a time!) and definitely NOT messy because it’s messy because it’s always messy.

Clothes that are so hip I only have them because my sister works in fashion and she gave them to me. It was raining today but I didn’t wear a raincoat because rich people aren’t affected by weather. Also, I walked in like I only walked here because I couldn’t decide which of my cars to drive.

In the end, they bought some of my stuff but not all of it, and I have no idea if any of my affectation helped me. Though the affectations made the whole thing more fun for me, and when she gave me an up down scan I didn’t shrink.