say yes!

the southerners who had come up to NYC to go wedding dress shopping, usually in a multi-generational gaggle, were my very favorites. southerners often have such marvelous sayings, and the sweetest ways of being totally pigheaded.

this one chirpy blonde lady from nashville was breaking a thick tradition of wearing great grandma’s wedding dress. she said, “i don’t want my daughter to wear my dress. i want her to look at my dress and wonder what i was thinking.”

the following are the best of the worst in the “what were you thinking” category. now it’s hard to see how awful some of these are, cause they’re white and the screenshots are low quality, but just remember, these things cost between 5 and 10 THOUSAND dollars.

my personal favorite:

how do you talk to grandma in this dress? her fiance was like: i can see your boobs. and she was like: yeah!