shout out loud

matt has a friend who has a friend whose face he had tattooed on his back.

matt’s friend, let’s call him poncy, is obsessed with his other friend, we’ll call him chak. poncy had chak’s face tattooed on his back. i’m pretty sure it’s actual-size, too.

really makes you think about who your friends are, and which of their faces you would tattoo on your person. right now, as i struggle with job dilemmas and whatnot, i’m psyched about the stable, practical people in my life. i can be completely ridiculous. so i count on sylvia and lisa.

lisa in a blizzard

these people are unflappable. they’re going to laugh through the worst of it. they have stellar advice about many topics. one of them could build a house. 

i visited with sylvia in the middle of her FIVE HOUR wisdom teeth removal yesterday and, with gauze in her mouth, she gave me good advice about something unrelated to dentistry.