yesterday i needed a costume for a birthday party. my sister just gave me a pair of super hot black jeans with butt studs so i knew i’d want to wear those and the costume needed to start there. i decided to become a storm.

i started with white pillow batting and dyed it black with india ink

very cloud-y

i wanted my costume to be a more avant garde than literal. i wanted a rain sleeve.

i’m trying to figure out how best to reference rain with fabric

i decide fringe

i stitched a mass of cloud to a headband

and the rest to a shirt

the finished shirt

i wanted crazy windblown hair, with three birds flying around it, and stormy makeup

and rainboots

i loved the hair and the birds

a storm!

in the time it took waiting while my friends got ready i added tinfoil to my face as my lightning reference. i also had a pocket full of those popper things to throw at the ground and be my thunder. the rain sleeve was super fun for dancing, and i gave people attitude for not recognizing my birds.