the anti-swank task force


swankiness. i avoid it. you know why? i thought because of my income. nope. it’s because of my behavior! i could make a million a year and still not be interested in swanky things or places.

when matt and i lived in stonington borough (rich bit of land sticking into the long island sound) we were the youngest poorest people and we played frisbee in the streets. i hit nice cars. nice houses. one time matt had to sneak around a security system to recover one of my bad throws. actually a few times.

but i don’t like throwing frisbees in the streets in portland because i respect the ethic of the people who live here. i don’t want to whack their not-very-to-medium-nice cars, houses, or children.

on monday night i went to a book reading & singing at powells (sloan crossley, conn coll ‘00) and we went with a group of alums to a bar after. a nice bar. saucebox. doesn’t that sound dirty? am i the only one who thinks so?

anyway. i had brought dinner for matt, who was meeting me at the signing after a 12 hour day. i brought pasta salad, roast beef bagel sandwiches. so i brought us dinner and we were hungry. so we ate it. sneaking personal food in a restaurant isn’t original, but what i liked about our situation is that saucebox serves asian food. they only give you chopsticks with your napkin. the waiter said poopoo with a straight face.

my favorite part was when the waiter leaned over and, looking at matt specifically, asked (quite innocently), how is everything? and matt answered, great, while trying to obscure his pasta salad with his chopsticks.