the bear farm nightmare before christmas

summer is over so naturally i’ve only just found the perfect tank top. it’s droopy and white and used to be a man’s and i bought it for under 3 dollars. like i said, perfect.

i’m resting my knee because 30 minutes into my bear farm career i landed on my leg funny, heard something snap, and here i am. it looks like my knee is basically fine just a little strained and swollen, but i find myself wishing just a bit that my knee were more catastrophic to balance out the humiliation of being carried off the field. i am just meeting this team, after all. in this scenario, next week at the game they would say: did you hear about britt? remember how she had to be carried off? it turns out that her knee snapped in half and they had to scotch tape her back together. she looks like sally in nightmare before christmas.