the contents of my brain

i don’t know what this is i don’t want to talk about it. i feel like i got a cold the moment i left the house this morning and now i’m making crazy choices. i’m torn at the moment between giving up sugar for a prearranged amount of time and ordering this giant gummy bear on a stick from fred

it’s valentines day but i want to tell you about my nail polish. it’s lilac colored and i got it at urban outfitters. i am sloppy at painting my nails but this nail polish painted itself. you should go get some. i feel fancy. so fancy i had gran marnier challah french toast for breakfast this morning. so fancy i played cribbage with jewel-topped pieces. so fancy that my socks match today and i packed a lunch which is actual lunch food and not just a box of granola bars.

i would say i’m “killing it” right now except that i’m soaking wet from not being able to find my raincoat and i’m all cracked out on coffee from the breakfast club brunch this morning. not really killing it at all.