Things I Like


Since nobody added anything to my list last week, I’ll assume I accounted for all the things that people dislike. Cool. Moving on. There is so much stuff I like. I’d like to tell you all about it.

When you go to sleep without setting an alarm for the next day. Oh man. What a feeling!

The tiny fingers of a child. Have you not met a child? Let me explain.When you snuggle up with a child, perhaps to read a story, they will touch you with their tiny child fingers. They might grip your arm, or absentmindedly pinch your neck. Mega special. 

Being giddy with someone else. And you can’t even stand up! and you have peed yourself! And so have they!

Cream scones as opposed to scones with chunks of crap in them. Nothing against crap, but I prefer my scones pure.

The pranks of my friend Joel. They’re subtle and effortless, like this can of Diet Coke he left in the fridge of Pete’s very liberal, environmental non-profit office:


Novelty Bandaids Elmo says Britt is bad at cutting squash.

When you know you’ve just left someone a killer voicemail. I considered majoring in voicemails, but there are just more job opportunities in email.

I am not even going to talk about how much I love email.

When things are organized by color. Feels good. Feels real good.

This one time when I made fresh pasta and it worked really well. Every time since has been total crap, but that one time was amazing.

Heckling Pinterest accounts always makes me smile.

Listening to the New Yorker Fiction Podcast while I bike to work like a smug, wet snob.

When I do something really dumb. For some reason I take a lot of pleasure in it, like how this morning I brought a bunch of hot milk to work instead of a latte. And then I told a small fleet about it.

Wearing a blanket instead of a coat. Or like 7 blankets, however many it takes.

I can’t even go into this right now but female comedians.

The style of women in their 60s. Given the opportunity to restock my closet I would hit Eileen Fisher HARD.

For more good stuff, my friend Taylor Katz wrote this list/poem of her favorite things.