things that are delicious and are not taylor lautner

who likes bad pictures of art? i know i do. i’ve been drawing food lately, still in the style i adopted after finding nigel peake. here is me covering my face with my sketchbook, holding my drawings up to my computer camera.

rainbow chard, which i’ve already blogged but is relevant to this project

tomato basil pasta, drawn at crema where i didn’t tip the barista and then got ravaged by breezes

oatmeal with blackberries, which i drew in the little patch of grass in front of my house that gets sun

blackberries without oatmeal, which i drew while watching pete play frisbee, which i did not play because of a maybe-cracked rib

basil, which i drew again because i really liked drawing it before. also drawn at frisbee practice

mushroom, chard and onion, my hand covering the bacon that i drew terribly. drawn in my room