van & sylvia's wedding


I have been looking forward to this since last August when Sylvia called me in Boston to tell me that Van had proposed. It happened on Saturday here in Portland and it was very hot and very sunny.

this is what Emily, me and Pete wore. Emily and I tried for hairdos.

She succeeded, I did not.     

Pete came straight from a frisbee tournament and was sunburned and happy Instead of hiring a photographer they asked several friends to share duties. I was in charge of taking pictures of the ceremony. I wore high heels and was very nervous I would fall down and flash my undies in the middle of it all. 

After the ceremony there was a parade around the block. Their church is right on a big bike boulevard in Portland, very good for parading. Sylvia made wands for the occasion and she and Van were pulled in a pedicab.

Emily also wore high heels which made her so tall she almost didn’t fit in the building. Fortunately the steeple of the church was tall enough to house her.

Sylvia looked very very beautiful. She had vintage netting and a big flower and her hairdo was successful.

They had a typewriter so people could write them notes, people who weren’t so mesmerized by the wine that they forgot to, like someone I know am.

They had scrabble tiles everywhere, including on the cake.

There was wine which I loved, and Heather brought whiskey so that we could do shots of whiskey with the bride.

Heather, always full of good ideas, also started the trend of pouring pitchers of ice water on each other

There were jellyfish made out of silk and LED lights attached to poles. They were at some points being dangled from an above balcony and at other points on the dance floor. They had long silk tentacles and were amazing to dance under.

We all danced so much that this is what we looked like:

I had so much fun that I almost forgot to eat cake.