yayyy ugly crap!


Today, Liz Jones tackles the clothes “women think are fashionable but men hate.” Uggs. Jumpsuits. Harem pants. Oversized sunglasses. Leggings!

To be fair, there are women who are not fond of these items. But apparently, in an MSN survey, men voted “nine of the season’s most popular garments” total turn-offs. Harem pants look like diapers and, according to Jones, “scream fashion victim, rather than sex kitten.” Uggs don’t sound or look sexy; and men allegedly “detest” gladiator sandals.

Of course: Lots of women don’t give a shit what men think about their wardrobe, and wear what they want, and what makes them feel good. And: It doesn’t take a “survey” for us to know that men would choose sexy shoes over Uggs and a nice, ass-hugging pair of jeans over harem pants.

And where’s the piece about all the crappy crap dudes wear? Backwards baseball caps, stained T-shirts, waaaaay too light blue jeans? And seriously: If a pretty lady goes into a bar wearing a harem jumpsuit with glaidator Uggs and a headband, are men really going to group-shun her? Not a chance.

[source: www.jezebel.com]

yay article. i definitely do not put clothes on for dudes. matt and i argue about “diaper” pants all the time. i am pro.

i was at a bar a couple of months ago, gold dust meridian, for my roommate sarah’s birthday. there was a dude there who was already pissing me off because he was being antagonistic as an opportunity to display his arguing prowess (3rd year law student).

we met while already sitting down. when we left, some of us were standing outside waiting for others of us who were being slow. i had on a really nice dress that i borrowed from sylvia. i watching him start with my hair, and run his eyes over everything. then i watched him watch my clogs. YES I LOVE CLOGS. the look he gave me TO MY FACE was insane. i hope he’s reading this.