I am drawn to you because of your layouts — strong and clean. I am drawn in because of your voice. Your present your work with clear and enthusiastic explanation. At the bottom you list services rendered. It’s a wide range! It packs a punch.

I am a huge fan of this style. It's both humble and confident. I think it's very effective.

It would be both exciting and comfortable for me to come be a writer at Instrument. Exciting because of the environment — the variety of projects, the inventive brains, the dogs, and comfortable because I'm experienced, and because your style suits mine. I’ve been writing professionally since 2011. This includes the Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram / Facebook feeds of others, as well as fiction, and comics, and essays. Right now I manage/write for the social media accounts of Powell's Books, before that LAIKA/house, and before that the Community Cycling Center.

Outside of work I wrote for We Make, including pieces on Matt SundstromCarson Ellis, and Brooke Weeber. I wrote / illustrated a book called How Hard We Try to Be Good People. (One of the chapters: Become the Person You Want to Be Through Online Shopping.) Right now I'm working on a novel. 

I do a lot combining words and images. Here’s one about doing middle school over again. This is what a bird fashion blog would look like. Dude Mag is what it would be like if we talked to men like we talk to women. Candlelight is the merging of Twilight with Pride and Prejudice.

My specialty is crafting voice. I also love tightening sentences. I never feel stronger than when I've got a good sentence. I love working for Powell's, but I am looking for something faster-paced, more social, and more ambitious. I am looking for Instrument.

Thank you!


Marketing Coordinator at Powell's Books

June 2015 - present

I manage social media for Powell’s. Currently we have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Medium. I crafted the voice Powell’s uses, which I describe as a super enthusiastic, intellectually-curious bookworm. All of our accounts have seen major growth since I took over, especially Instagram, which has gone up 345%.

I am also part of the team that plans all book promotions, including concept, voice, and graphics. This is one of my favorite parts of the job, because the meetings are silly and often devolve into a book club. I am particularly proud of our current dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction promotion, which we titled “It Could Be Worse.” The graphics, which I had nothing to do with, are incredible. I did come up with the title.

Brand Coordinator at LAIKA/house

July 2013 - July 2014

At LAIKA/house, besides enjoying the monthly birthday cookie/champagne explosion, I designed pitches for project bids, took behind-the-scenes footage of ongoing work, managed the social media channels, and ran the blog, including an interview series that I created and hosted. My favorite interview was with Hombre McSteez

Social Media Specialist at the Community Cycling Center

November 2011 - November 2013

I designed all print materials, updated the web branding, redesigned the e-newsletter, and rewrote the brand guidelines. I did all photography, graphic design, and social media. I needed to be able to speak to potential donors, cyclist types, DIY bikers, and low-income folks intimidated by biking for transit. 

PNCA  Fall 2008 - Winter 2010 | Classes toward a certificate in graphic design and illustration

Connecticut College Graduated May 2007 | B.A. in English with a focus in Creative Writing. Won Hamilton Smyzer Prize for Creative Writing