My name is Britt and I am funny and loyal. I can design, draw, photograph, write, edit, and blog.

I used to work at LAIKA/house, then I took 6 months off to write and draw my first book. I am proud of the book (here is a chapter, and here is another), but I miss working. Also money.

I think Sincerely Truman is so cool. I love your focus and culture. I'd really like to work with you. 

Telling stories is my jam. For over two years I've been telling stories in a monthly subscription-based email comic. Creative Mornings says it's "full of wit and whimsy." 

Here are some examples:


I wasn't able to come to your happy hour last week because I went to Bend to go skiing. I'm a terrible skier and need lots of practice.

Here's my resume: