For my first book I wrote a lot of things, some of which are Dude Mag 1, Dude Mag 2, #obligatory (an Instagram comic), Eating Right, 28 Rules Good People Follow, and Become the Person You Want to Be Through Online Shopping

For The Toast I wrote The Complete List of Insecurities, and Inspiring Quotes About Periods from Some of History's Boldest Made Up Women

For WeMake I wrote about the two loves of Brooke Weeber, Alise Munson's Sparklevision, Carson Ellis's love of creepy crawling things and Russia, mowing the lawn with Matt Sundstrom.  

For no one / everyone I wrote about loving plantshealth, my favorite teacher Mrs. Balyeat, quitting my college hockey team, if I could redo middle school, an open letter from a decayed tooth, and poems generated from my tweets, Manism, and some satire about Artist Statements.  

For LAIKA/house I wrote about the Instagram animation of Hombre Mcsteez, an evening with Jessica Hische, and the coolest mini mall in town.

For the Community Cycling Center I wrote about a Create a Commuter graduate named Tom, an introduction to the Equity Committee, why it's awesome to build your own bike, all about the new Bicycle Repair Hub, and bikes as a teaching tool in Montessori.